As our skin ages its ability to hold moisture begins to deplete - starting at the age of around 25.  Skin can also become easily dehydrated as we go about our daily lives, exacerbated by pollution and free radicals. Maintaining skin hydration is one of the first steps towards preventing early signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles. 

Hydrating the skin effectively means using ingredients that it can absorb on a deep level - that's what the Dr.Thiess Hydration collection facilitates. Products contain natural and scientifically engineered ingredients, chosen for their highly effective capabilities penetrating the skin. 

For example, hero ingredients include hyaluronic acid, a molecule that forms naturally in our skin, attracts water molecules and increases its water content. As the natural production rate of  hyaluronic acid declines, topical application helps support the skin, making it more radiant, smooth, plumping dehydration lines and giving you a natural glow.