Scientifically-engineered, ingredients-led skincare

Founded by Dr. Delia Thiess, an experienced aesthetic doctor, DR. THIESS is an evidence-based, scientifically-engineered and ingredient-first skincare solution.

Medically-led, the brand is based on Dr. Thiess's dedication to empowering confidence through innovative skincare solutions. Designed to nourish and preserve the skin’s health and vitality, products are for men and women of all ages, offering a complete, routine-based approach to skincare.

Each formula is highly focused and closely created with specific ingredients to nourish the skin deeply, directly targeting the cells responsible for skin vitality and rejuvenation.

Scientifically-engineered skincare solutions

Most anti-ageing products focus on replacing the elements that skin loses as it ages such as elastin and collagen. These ingredients help to address the visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines and dullness, but they don’t support the skin on a deeper level to restore health. 

DR. THIESS works with ingredients like Renovage™ - a complex, scientifically-engineered ingredient that supports the natural ‘repair and protect’ functions within the skin. In essence, it helps to ‘switch on’ the natural behaviours of skin cells to promote visible signs of health and vitality.  

Ingredient-first formulas

The research and development of DR. THIESS skincare formulas centre on careful attention to ingredients as well as the medical insights of Dr. Delia Thiess.  

Created with the objective of restoring and preserving healthy skin, the DR. THIESS brand is anchored in research, ingredient excellence and scientific knowledge. These three pillars work together for a common goal - the efficacy and potency of its products and skincare routines. 

Ingredients are carefully selected for their proven benefits. For example, natural hemp seed oil, shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil and pure hyaluronic acid are all selected to hydrate and brighten the skin without clogging pores. DR. THIESS also uses 24k gold and the scientifically-engineered Renovage™ complex, proven to refine the skin and reduce signs of ageing.

Targeted, total skincare routines

Each DR. THIESS skincare regimen is designed to suit a broad variety of skin types and concerns, offering a clear and effective way to treat and protect skin every day. We create balance between trusted natural ingredients, enhanced by modern science to address specific skincare needs, creating products informed by evidence-based research instead of short-term trends.. 

Advocating routine, DR. THIESS has created each of its formulas as part of an everyday skincare regimen, designed to continually and consistently protect the skin from external aggressors such as pollution and UV rays. By protecting, nourishing and hydrating, products support healthy skin that appears younger and more radiant.

Skincare designed to protect, preserve and empower

ased on medical knowledge around the preservation of healthy skin, DR. THIESS harnesses the power of ingredient-first formulas alongside a complete and consistent skincare routine. 

The two components allow for the optimal effectiveness of the products in protecting and preserving the skin, as well as empowering the individual to feel confident in its appearance, health and wellbeing. 

Each regimen offers tailored steps and products to make it easy and enjoyable for users to know they’re doing the best for their skin each day.