About skincare specialist, Dr. Delia Thiess

DR. THIESS was founded by Dr. Delia Thiess, an experienced aesthetic doctor with a passion for empowering individuals and enhancing confidence through innovative skincare solutions that drive product efficacy to support skin health.

Medically-led skincare

After training in both dentistry and facial injectology, Dr. Thiess chose to specialise in non-invasive aesthetic treatments. Through her work she had the opportunity to support clients with facial paresis and severe burns to the skin. She became increasingly aware that although injection treatments were effective for encouraging the skin to heal, patients also needed topical solutions to use between sessions in order to protect and promote skin health. This realisation was the start of the DR. THIESS skincare collection.

Scientific knowledge and quality ingredients

After 15 years working around the world and using purely medical formulas to support client skincare and rejuvenation, Dr. Thiess developed highly-effective products and solutions for home use, in the form of cosmetic creams suitable for almost all ages, skin types, and conditions. Her goal was to combine her medical knowledge with the best ingredients for easy-to-use, continually effective, routine-based skincare.

Dedicated to continual excellence

Dr. Thiess continues to be dedicated to the pursuit of discovery and development in her field. Through her work and product evolution, she has found a place where her medical knowledge and passion for skin health and beauty come together to provide total self-care solutions engineered for healthy, beautiful skin.