COLLECTIONS: Targeted, total skincare solutions

As a medical professional driven by science, Dr.Thiess set out to deliver efficient skincare routines that made a profound difference to skin health and appearance. 

Dr.Thiess wanted to create targeted solutions and easy-to-use processes that could be used and adapted to support individual needs over the course of a lifetime, echoing the results she achieves in a clinical, one-to-one environment. 

She distilled her objectives into three core collections: Hydration, Protection and Radiance. These, she found to be the three pillars of skin health and anti-ageing, and she formulated them so you can mix and match according to personal skincare requirements today and as they evolve.


As our skin ages, its ability to hold moisture begins to deplete - starting at the age of around 25. Maintaining skin hydration is one of the first steps towards preventing early signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrating the skin effectively means using ingredients that it can absorb on a deep level - that's what the DR.THIESS Hydration collection facilitates.

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Healthy skin is about protecting it as well as nourishing it - supporting it against the elements, pollution, and moisture loss, for example. The DR.THIESS Protection skincare collection combines natural and scientifically engineered ingredients to support and protect skin health, creating a natural barrier against free radicals and tackling signs of ageing for a brighter, healthier complexion.

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As we get older our skin ages naturally, however there are contributing factors that we can address through the products we use and the techniques with which we apply them. The DR.THIESS Radiance collection has been formulated for more mature skin, containing key natural and scientifically engineered ingredients to leave skin feeling noticeably firmer and more luminous.

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