As we get older our skin ages naturally, however there are contributing factors that we can address through the products we use and the techniques with which we apply them.

How skin ages is a complex biological process, influenced by our overall health and wellbeing, genetics, diet and the environment in which we live, all of which impacts collagen levels, cell renewal, hormonal balance and hydration. Ageing shows in a number of ways - skin can appear dull, less toned, develop fine lines or experience changing pigmentation. Research has found that a combination of products and massage techniques can help to restore and retain skin's health, enhancing its natural radiance. 

The DR.THIESS Radiance collection has been formulated for more mature skin, containing key natural and scientifically engineered ingredients to leave it feeling noticeably firmer and more luminous. 

Hero elements include 24k gold, which has been used across the centuries for its anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and radiance boosting qualities, as well as being a natural defence against environmental aggressors. We also use Renovage™, which is a powerful complex, proven to refine the skin and reduce signs of ageing as part of a complete skincare routine.