FACE CARE: A skincare ecosystem

DR. THIESS looks at skin and the way we care for it as an ecosystem. The skin on different parts of the face have different needs and absorption capabilities, while the way our hormones behave varies from day to night. As a result, we need different products and ingredients to support the skin’s health and behavioural patterns at varying times of the day and year.

DR. THIESS takes a highly pragmatic approach to skincare, whilst also offering a tailored experience as part of daily rituals. Based on the experiences and practices of Dr. Delia Theiss herself, we advocate simple, regular routines that have an impact on the cellular behaviour of the skin through the product ingredients as well as the methods of skincare application as well. 

When it comes to addressing specific concerns, Dr. Theiss believes in the importance of products that don't overload the skin, but that really penetrate its layers to provide deep restoration, nourishment and protection. Therefore, the face care products within the DR. THIESS collection has been created to work together in a combination to suit individuals and their skin through different concerns and life stages.