SKIN TYPE: Empowering confidence. Reactivitating radiance

Often when people talk about skin type, they refer to its characteristics - dry, oily, and combination, for example. At DR.THIESS, when we refer to skin type, we reference what it needs to achieve optimal health. 

It’s a philosophy that stems from the clinical and personal practice of Dr. Thiess herself, knowing that individuality, health, environment, genetics and other lifestyle factors all have an impact on the skin, and that our routines need the capacity to adapt and evolve for the individual, rather than being put into a prescriptive box. 

Here you will find product collections that are designed to address the core needs for healthy skin. Products from different ranges can be used in collaboration with one another to address your personal, multifaceted requirements, and offer you the flexibility to adjust your skincare routine as your needs change over time.

Skin Type: Dehydration

Hydration is essential for healthy skin and a luminous appearance. However, lifestyle factors such as pollution and the elements can dehydrate the skin, and as we get older the skin’s natural ability to retain water also decreases. This collection of products contains hyaluronic acid, which attracts water molecules to the skin to rehydrate, while natural shea butter forms an organic barrier against moisture loss.

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Skin Type: Elasticity

Skin's elasticity is what gives it a plump, healthy-looking appearance, whilst also helping it to heal quickly and effectively. As we get older, skin's collagen levels and natural elasticity begins to decrease, but additional factors such as pollution and sun exposure can also damage the skin's elastic fibres leading to more wrinkles and a less taught appearance. This collection of products contains natural ingredients including hemp seed oil and olive oil to help protect the skin as well as repair damaged tissues and improve skin strength.

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Skin Type: Maturity

As we get older, skin loses its natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid resources, which can lead to fine lines and a less plump appearance. Mature skin needs support in these key areas to stay strong, flexible, resilient and luminous. This can be achieved through a combination of natural and scientifically engineered ingredients, which are at the forefront of this product collection. Containing anti-ageing 24k gold and the state-of-the-art Renovage™ complex, these products proactively help to reduce signs of ageing and nourish mature skin as part of a complete skincare routine.

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