SKINCARE ROUTINE: Reactivating radiance

The driving force behind DR. THIESS is the quality of the ingredients in each product, combined with the immense knowledge that we now have thanks to science. Dr. Delia Thiess is inspired by the tradition of skincare, taking knowledge that's anchored in centuries of practice across the generations, and elevating it with the insights and developments in modern skincare engineering. 

By combining these two pillars, Dr. Thiess has created three product collections that work together as part of a regular skincare routine, to meet individual needs and concerns. The principle has been to make regular skincare as easy and straightforward as possible, whilst producing maximum benefit for the skin. Meanwhile, the three different collections can be combined in different configurations, making it easy to adapt your routine as you age.

Concern: Hydration

When skin lacks hydration it can feel dry and look dull, exacerbating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While lifestyle can help to rehydrate from the inside out, we have used our medical knowledge of preserving healthy skin to create a collection of hydrating skincare products to revitalise and restore.

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Concern: Elasticity

Our skin tends to lose elasticity as we get older, as our collagen and elastin levels deplete, and as our hormone levels change. This collection of skincare products uses natural ingredients like hemp oil, as well as scientifically-engineered formulas like the Renovage™ complex, to improve elasticity and protect our skin as we age.

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Concern: Luminosity

Mature skin requires different products and ingredients to help keep it strong, flexible, and resilient. Combating dryness, uneven skin tone and fine lines, whilst restoring radiance, this collection from DR. THIESS is imbued with rich ingredients including 24k gold and the scientifically-engineered Renovage™ complex. Together they restore the skin’s health and natural glow with proven, optimal results.

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