Massage techniques for the best skincare results

Encouraging our skin to be the healthiest it can be hinges on three core areas: our diet and overall wellbeing, our skincare products, and the way we apply our skincare products. This final area often gets overlooked, but can help to supercharge our skincare routines to encourage a naturally healthy glow. The process hinges on gentle massage techniques. In this article we delve into why massage is good for skin health and how you can use it in your daily skincare routine.

Why is massage good for the skin?

Gentle massage supports skin health by increasing blood flow, which encourages the distribution of oxygen and nutrients in the form of healing red blood cells. As a result, it helps to brighten the skin and decrease inflammation. The motion of massage is also a brilliant way to gently exfoliate, removing dead cells and encouraging the regeneration process.

Benefits include:

Tightening pores
Improving skin texture
Increases blood flow
Reduces inflammation/increases lymphatic drainage 
Gently exfoliates 
Helps flush out toxins 
Promotes healthy skin 
Rejuvenates dull skin and provides a healthy glow

How to apply skincare using massage

Dr. Delia Thiess is a strong advocate of using massage techniques to apply daily skincare products as part of a regular skincare routine. She's also a supporter of keeping things simple and consistent to get the most out of your skincare. When it comes to massage, her guidance is as follows:

 Facial massage: the purpose

The purpose of massaging the skin as part of your skincare routine is to warm the products so that they penetrate the skin more easily; it's about thermoregulation. We want the cream/balm to warm up to skin temperature and encourage absorption.

Facial massage: preparation

The key to good absorption is a really deep cleanse. This allows the following products to really penetrate the skin’s surface, so it's imperative you clean your skin properly (gently, but properly). Think of it as preparing a canvas.

Facial massage: the technique

Circular movements are the essence of facial massage. Everything starts from the middle of the face or the median line. Use this as your starting point and work in upwards, circular motions across the face.

Facial massage: eye area

Around the eye area, the key is to start at the inner eye and work outwards, circling upwards. The upper eyelid starts at an angle around the brow bone - work gently from the middle of the face to the outside of the eye using upward movements.

Facial massage: you're the expert

There's a lot of prescriptive information about skincare, but one thing we're really keen to emphasise is that each person sees their own face more than anyone else and knows it best. You will observe the changes in it more acutely than anyone else, and you will see the areas that need more attention from one day to the next. So, while we can offer the guidelines for applying products, it's also ok to go with your own instincts. If you see a dry patch or an area of uneven fat distribution, focus on that area a bit more with your facial massage.

Is there any benefit in using massage tools?

Facial massage tools such as jade rollers and gua sha have become extremely popular over the years. They can certainly be extremely enjoyable to use, particularly as the stone is cold and the skin is hot, which can be very stimulating and feel soothing. However, scientifically there isn't enormous value in them. If you want to use them because you like them, there's certainly no harm, but you shouldn't feel obligated to. Massage using your fingers is just as effective.

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