Top tips to get the maximum benefit from skincare products

In our recent blogs we have written about selecting your preferred skincare products and mastering the art of facial massage in order to help them work to optimum effect. However, is there anything else you can do to help these carefully created and selected skincare products to do their best by your skin?

Here, Dr. Theiss shares the tips that you won’t find on the back of a skincare bottle…

Start with a deep cleanse

The key factor for healthy skin is enabling good absorption of the products you have chosen to nourish it. In order to do that, your skincare routine has to begin with a really deep and effective cleanse. The goal of the cleansing process is to remove dirt and grime so that micro-organisms don't interrupt the use of the creams themselves. However, it’s also to encourage the pores to dilate so that creams and serums can penetrate the skin.

Adopt a skincare ritual

Dr. Theiss is big on skincare routines. It’s a bit like going to the gym - if you go once for five hours it’s not going to do very much, but if you go for an hour a day, everyday, then you will see results. Skincare is about consistency as well as the products and routine that you adopt. So, once you have found the right products for you, try to stick to a morning and evening cleanse, tone and moisturising ritual.

Don’t be afraid to rotate products

Despite what we say about a ritual, it doesn’t mean you have to use exactly the same products all the time.  This especially applies to creams and serums - you don’t always have to use both. You might find that you use a serum in the morning and a cream in the evening, or you might rotate them from one day to the next instead depending on what you’re doing or the time of the year. A serum, for example, penetrates the skin deeper than a cream, but due to its technical capabilities it tends to have less ingredients and therefore less wide reaching benefits than creams - it’s more targeted. So, you may rotate your skincare products depending on what your skin needs and how it feels - you don’t have to use all products all the time.

Keep your face creams in the fridge

From the moment you open your creams, microorganisms begin to penetrate the top layer and affect their effectiveness. To prevent microorganisms from multiplying and diminishing the benefits of your skincare products, it’s recommended that you keep creams refrigerated. Dr. Theiss actually keeps a small fridge in her bathroom, but that isn’t suitable or possible for everyone! When you use your cream, place a small amount of the cream on your fingertips and warm it before applying it to your face. This triggers a thermoregulatory response that helps products so that they penetrate the skin more easily.

Curate the best routine for your skin.